viernes, 19 de octubre de 2018

Inspiring a love of learning

Listen and watcth the video that advertises an infant scool.

Take notes and complete:
  1. Kids will grow confident and unafraid if.......
  2. They will be more likely to graduate if ....
  3. What do we have to teach them before they are 5?
  4. What can happen if we teach them good manners?
  5. What do you have to talk about if we want our kids be good citizens?

martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

Welcome back to school!

Hello dear students!! Here we are after our nice and needed holidays. I hope you are all ready to learn a lot of English this year!  

This this year we are going to work very hard to achieve our main goals.  Anyhow, we have to enjoy as well. Here you have some videos to cheer you up: